Embodied Photography


My photography focuses on brining out the true genuineness within each of us and celebrate that embodiment of it!

It's about creating images with others that feel vibrant and alive even-though the image is still. The photos taken aren't focused on capturing a specific emotion but instead is all about the magical mystical space that can come about when someone feels comfortable in expressing who they are genuinely and freely.  

"There's no opaque layers of expectations and filters over the images, like no fear based ideas about how things should be, and because of that the things and people photographed look so beautiful but not beautiful in the normal narrow standard but beautiful for what they actually are."

- Issa

When someone has an opportunity to see this truly alive and genuine nature of themselves through this style of photography, there's so much opportunity for self growth and discovery. 

It's similar to that moment in most Disney princess movies where they stare into an important body of water to find themselves. Only here you get to throw your genuine self into a camera lens and witness the art that appears on the other side.

What else I've created with the embodied photography practice is a place to share that experience with others through the forum.

The forum is where your session is posted that is only visible to other Embodied Photography participants. You get a chance to see the growth of others and get an opportunity to be continually inspired and updated through new experiences!

This session is based out of Pensacola, FL but can travel anywhere!

Just fill out the brief form below to talk about how we can find your genuine self and let it embody your being for a photography session!

Embodied Photography

To get started on your own embodied photography session fill out the information below.

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