Daytona Time Machine

When I went to college in Florida I would always look forward to coming back south after the holiday festivities because it meant it was time for the Rolex 24 at Daytona. I would gather my friends and we would immerse ourselves in speed and sound for a whole weekend.

We would watch the cars fly by us as the sun set, dive into the garages at night to see the teams up close, and bask in the noise the cars made as they screamed in front of you as they chased each other down the NASCAR banking. The atmosphere at Daytona makes it feel more like Disney World rather than anything else. (Likely due to their proximity)

Then whenever we wanted a break we’d stroll through the campsites back to our own little oasis for the weekend. There, around the campfire at night, the discussion would seemingly always turn to what would be our dream race to watch? If we could travel back in time at this very racetrack, what would we be interested in seeing? What time period could we be a part of?

My longtime photographer inspiration, Larry Chen, would always recommend to shoot photos as if you’re telling a story. These are the images I created to imagine what it would be like if that time machine did exist.

A place where we could get up close to the machines in the garages and watch the unique tricks employed to keep vehicles running all day and night.

We could see how the light reflects off the sweeping body lines of different eras and admire the wild liveries from previous eras that are now considered classics.

What if we could just pull up a seat trackside to watch and hear (and more often than not, feel) the race cars of old as they went through this historic raceway.

Then maybe we’d decide to jump to a moment in time closer to where we began. There we could cheer on our favorite vehicles once again, maybe with the hope of a different outcome at the finish line.

This fictional time machine might not exist, but if you had the same late night trackside conversations as I did, you might find an outlet for it at one of the next Historic Sportscar Racing (HSR) events.

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