The Bus Called SpaceBus

This #spacebus came about after feet already walked on the surface of the moon. Although smaller in size, complexity, and speed it has just the same effect on its occupants.

The Apollo spacecraft gave astronauts (and humans at home via photographs) a then unseen vantage point of the world. It gave them a new perspective to highlight the shared interconnectedness of one another by giving a high level view of our own existence. It gave an Overview Effect.

This engineering marvel set out to conquer new ground, to reach with bold ambition, and explore the outer reaches of knowledge. It did so as a crowning achievement, a goal set out that required ambition and courage to tackle, but, at its core, it was merely an idea.

It was just an idea to step into the unknown and bring along an observant mind to explore the new space.

This bus called SpaceBus sets out with similar intentions. It doesn’t seek to push the boundaries of engineering or human achievement. It just finds comfort in continually going out into the unknown to come back with new stories.

Stories of adventure, expansive lands, and journeys for the sake of the trip itself.

In the end it accomplishes the same feat as those Apollo missions that preceded it a few year earlier. It is a vehicle that continually offers a change of perspective to its occupants.

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