When the Koenigseggs Come to Grab Coffee

Cars and Coffee is the physical representation of all the car photos you see on instagram. It is a chance for the "automotive enthusiast" to see something new, meet someone new, and enjoy a familiar cup of coffee.

Then everyone arrives and just soaks up the weekend morning with something they didn't expect. In the case of Newport Beach last weekend, it was a collection of Koenigseggs.

And not just any Koenigseggs, but the Jesko. This is the car Christian von Koenigsegg saved to hold the namesake of his father Jesko. For good reason too. I believe this is the car that shows the helm of the Koenigsegg ship turning more towards artistic expression. Treating the car less as a pure technical marvel and more of an artform.

Up until I saw the Jesko in person I would have put Koenigseggs in general on a lower rung of the super/mega/hyper - car totem pole. For me they always seemed like they were just engineering for the sake of engineering. Don't get me wrong, that is certainly something to celebrate. I mean what other company makes a car then their new owner lets them borrow it to set the worlds fastest production car speed?

(oh yeah, then drives it to cars and coffee events on the weekend https://www.instagram.com/277.9mph/)

And the Agera is a stunning car.

But it is much more of a stunning car in its technical show of force.

In a very similar way that the team over at McLaren executes cars like the P1.

In technical terms, neither one of these vehicles really makes me ache for more. I respect the work that went into them and what they can accomplish like a surgical knife on track, but I don't leave their presence feeling overwhelmingly excited.

If someone asked me, "Ok then, what would you put on the top of the list then?"

That's where I would have answered you with some pretty flavor of a Pagani. Like for example the one parked next to the World's Fastest Car.

That is a car that just pains my heart to look at. Every little corner, crease, and detail stirs up some emotion within me. Where the former examples are like marveling at the Empire State Building, this Pagani is like learning something new about yourself by sitting down and staring into a Picasso painting for hours.

(I know from experience having done that at the Newport Beach Pagani dealer)

But the Jesko is something new from Koenigsegg.

There's a new appreciation for the artistic details in this machine. It's not quite on par with the artistic expression that Pagani captures, but it's something new to appreciate in the story of Koenigsegg. It captures a little artistic direction of the future. That blend of technology and cleanliness that inspired a generation watching Star Trek.

Then when it lights up and turns on the controls come to life and want to take you somewhere, at warp speed.

This reminds me of Aston Martin, pre Ian Callum. The time when they were the blokes out in the shed next to the airfield making high horsepower machines.

So for me, I love the new Jesko, but more importantly I can't wait to see what comes next.

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